Zalul ("clear", in Hebrew) is one of Israel's leading environmental NGOs, dedicated to protecting the seas and rivers of Israel. Zalul accomplishes its mission through conservation, activism, research, awareness-raising, and education. It challenges Israel's existing power structure and strives to bring the issues of water preservation and environmental protection to the forefront of the Israeli public. Zalul was founded in 1999 by a few concerned citizens who recognized the imperative need for environmental activism and advocacy in Israel. The group continues to wage strategic campaigns that target unchallenged municipalities, corporations, and the national government on the basis of their negligence and destruction of Israel's most essential natural resource – water.

Significant achievements over the years​

The polluting fish cages in the Gulf of Eilat-Akaba have been removed, saving the coral reef; the Dan region wastewater treatment plant (Shafdan) has stopped discharging 5.6 million tons of contaminated sludge into the Mediterranean sea every year; the State has invested approx. $10 Billion in stopping pollution of the streams and the sea by building wastewater treatment facilities; the Ban the Plastic Bags Law has been passed; and the Ammonia reservoir that endangered the lives of the residents of the north has been shut down for good.

Stopping sludge Spill To The Sea

 For decades, the largest wastewater treatment plant of Israel (Shafdan) spilled 5.6 million cubic meters of wastewater sludge into the Mediterranean sea. After the persistent activity of "Zalul", the spill has stopped and the treated sludge use as fertilizer in the Negev fields

Removing The Fish Cages of Eilat-Aqab Golf

The fish cages were introduced into the Gulf of Aqaba in 2008. After the damage caused by the coral reef was discovered, Zalul launched a campaign to remove them. After 10 years of stubborn activity, the cages are no longer at the the sea and the condition of reef is improving

Closing The Ammonia Reservoir​

– the reservoir located in Haifa portaining 12,000 tons of ammonia, endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands. After stubborn activity of "Zalul", the facility was closed in 2017

Saving the streams from pollution

Following Zalul's campaigns, the state invested more than 10 billion NIS in stopping the pollution of rivers by building sewage treatment plants, whose water is used for agricultural irrigation

Central Zalul campaigns today

The Mediterranean Sea

Zalul is waging a multidisciplinary campaign to promote protection of the Mediterranean Sea and its beaches from industrial and municipal wastewater discharge and The damage expected from irresponsible gas and oil drilling

The Red Sea

If scientists’ forecasts are substantiated, there is a good chance that the coral reefs of the Red Sea will be among the few that are able to survive global warming, which has already harmed around 50% of the world’s corals

Streams and Water​

The Middle East is becoming a desert, and Israel is failing to prepare to the future. Zalul demands that the state plan an emergency plan for the water sector and agriculture sector and take additional measures to deal with climate change

Stop Plastic Pollution

Excessive use and pollution caused by single-use plastic has become a global plague. Zalul is the leading organization in Israel today trying to reduce the problem of plastic and stop it from reaching the sea and streams

Sea Defenders" Network"

Zalul is currently establishing "Sea Defenders". A network for people who care for the the sea, as part of Zalul's efforts to raise public awareness and encourage public action in maintaining the Mediterranean Sea and its shores and in acting against the parties responsible for pollution of the sea

Health and Environment​

Zalul is concerned that the Israeli government disregards the close connection between the environment and public’s health, well-being, and security, which will be jeopardized due to lack of environmental planning within the rapid development of contaminating industries offshore and inland

Protect The Sea And Rivers Of Israel

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