The Mediterranean Sea

Zalul is waging a multidisciplinary campaign to promote protection of the Mediterranean Sea and its beaches from damage, pollution, and destruction.

Spheres of action include:

  • Stop all industrial and municipal wastewater discharge into the sea and streams leading to it.
  • without legally preparing it and without taking the necessary measures to protect the sea and the coasts, in the event of a disaster.

    Zalul demands:

    • That the State adopts the European Directives for Offshore Drilling, which is considered the most advanced set of environmental regulations, written after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.
    • Ensure high environmental standards in Israel’s Exclusive Economic Zone in Mediterranean Sea, including adding authorities to The Ministry of Environment Protection for proper supervision & control of the gas and oil reservoirs located in this area.
    • Expedite emergency preparedness for case of a spill disaster.
    • Protect the coasts by moving the Leviathan Gas Treatment Rig, which is located 9.5km off-shore, farther away into sea, to avoid air pollution along the coast and limit the spill danger to the nearby beaches.
    • Due to climate change and the need to dramatically reduce emissions to the atmosphere, alongside the dire risk that offshore drilling pose to the sea, Zalul and other environmental NGOs are lobbying against the governments’ intention to further explore fossil fuels, and instead want Israel to focus on developing and using more renewable energy.