Sea Defenders" Network"

Zalul is currently establishing "Sea Defenders", a network for people who care for the preservation of the sea, as part of Zalul's efforts to raise public awareness and encourage public action in maintaining the Mediterranean Sea and its shores and in acting against the parties responsible for pollution of the sea and threatening the integrity of its shores.

The "Sea Defenders" is Zalul's public branch, and is affiliated with the organization and its aims. The network works to preserve the sea for future generations, to prevent the continued accelerated beach development and to stop beach and water pollution, out of concern for the quality of life in Israel and in connection with the relatively new Israeli awareness to social and environmental justice.

The "Sea Defenders" brings together participants from various audiences: "sea users" (owners of yachts, boats and kayaks, fishermen, divers, swimmers, surfers, Trietlonists etc.) alongside businesses, individuals, communities and local authorities. Jews, Arabs, religious and secular, from the periphery to the center who all share the love to the sea and the concern for his safety. This is a community that aims to influence the quality of life, protect and preserve the marine environment in the country, and fight various pollutants that harm the sea and water resources of the State of Israel.

"Sea Defenders" provides the public with the opportunity to contribute by serving as Zalul's "eyes and ears on the ground", reporting about hazards and pollution they discover, as well as plans and schemes they may hear about or special interests that may harm the sea and its surroundings. The organization on its part will work to correct the distortions and prevent failures before they occur and will report back what has been done thanks to this information.

In addition, "Sea Defenders" will serve as a social network in which the public will be able to promote ideas, information and collaborations revolving about its goals, while providing each member with possibilities and activities that suite his or her style and interests and while assisting parents in educating younger generations about the importance of the nature preservation and public involvement.

The activities include beach and water cleanups (some within the "The Blue Brigade" – a segment within the network of vessel owners – who will receive information from Zalul regarding plastic waste reports and will set to sea in a timely manner to document and clean up waste), rallies and demonstrations for the beaches and the sea, parties and cultural events, educational activities, "crowdsourcing" discussions – a method in which any member can comment and contribute to Zalul's decision making, and more.