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Updated on: 24.01.2024

Website Terms of Use:

  1. The masculine gender is used in the website and in these terms of use for convenience purposes only and is intended for both men and women.
  2. The use of this website is subject to the privacy policy of the website which constitutes an integral part of these terms of use. Please read them carefully.
  3. Zalul – Environmental Association (RA) ("Zalul" or the "Association" or "We") enables you to make  online donations for the benefit of the Association and its needs in an easy, convenient and speedy manner.
  4. While making a donation by credit card, the transaction shall undergo a processing procedure vis-à-vis the credit card issuer. If the transaction is not approved by thecredit card issuer, the cardholder  shall receive an appropriate notice. To complete the transaction in such an event the cardholder  should contact the Association by telephone at 03-5762666.
  5. The cardholder may contact the Association and request to change the billing details and to cancel the transaction. According to the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 and the regulations promulgated thereunder the transaction may be cancelled within 14 days from the date notice of the donation was given by telephone and/or online. The Association shall make the requested changes according to the credit card issuer's applicable policy at that time. If cancellation fees are charged to the Association by the credit card issuer, these fees shall be charged to the cardholder who shall beobligated to pay them.
  6. The Association maintains the privacy of the donors and does not keep the details ofthe users' credit cards.
  7. The Association shall bear no responsibility and shall not be held liable for anyunlawful activity carried out by the website users or by any other party which is notunder the Association’s full control.
  8. The donations made to the Association are recognized for tax purposes according toSection 46 of the Israeli Income Tax Ordinance. For every donation received by theAssociation a receipt shall be sent to the donor together with a confirmationrecognized for tax purposes pursuant to Section 46 of the Israeli Income TaxOrdinance.
  9. Donors to the Association must be at least 18 years of age. If you have not yetreached the age of 18 please refrain from making a donation.
  10. These terms of use shall be interpreted and applied to any action and/or controversy arising therefrom according to the laws of the state of Israel and if necessary shall be adjudicated by the competent courts.

Privacy Policy

Zalul – Environmental Association (RA) ("Zalul" or the "Association" or "We")which operates this website (hereinafter collectively: the "Association" or "We" andthe "System"), the owner of a registered database, respects the privacy of theindividuals visiting its website and attaches great value to protecting their privacy andensuring the safety and security of their data.We undertake to uphold and maintain the privacy policy specified below (hereinafter:the "Privacy Policy"). The purpose of this Policy is to explain how we act withrespect to your privacy and how we use your personal data (as defined according tothe law; hereinafter: "Personal Data") provided to us by you or collected by usduring our engagement and over the course of your visit and use of the Association'swebsite, including in the framework of any online donation.This privacy policy is in addition to the general terms of use of the website and anyother written and/or implied agreement between you and the Association and itscontent ads and does not derogate therefrom, and constitutes an integral part thereof.By using the website and the Association's services you convey your consent to theterms and conditions of this privacy policy and to the changes made therein from timeto time. We recommend that you review from time to time the privacy policy postedon the website to update yourself with such changes.Wherever the terms "you" or "your" are used in this privacy policy reference is madeto all users of the Association's services, their Personal Data and other dataconcerning these users.Who are we and how you can contact us?Zalul Association, located at 16 Abba Hillel Silver Street, Ramat Gan, holds andoperates this website. You are invited to contact us with any question, query orconcern you may have concerning your Personal Data by e-mail at:officr@zalul.org.ilThe information that we collect and store about youWhile visiting and/or using the website and/or the Association's services you mayprovide us, of your own free will, with personal details and information aboutyourself, inter alia, for contact purposes, for the purpose of signing-up or registrationfor any service, granting donations and the like. This information may include yourfull name, contact details such as your email address, telephone number and the likeand additional data as you may choose to provide to us.In addition, some of the current or future services on the website and/or vis-à-vis theAssociation, may require registration. In the framework of such registration you maybe required to provide Personal Data, such as your name, contact information

(telephone, email) and information concerning your connection with the Association.In addition, you may request that we contact you by sending us your details on the"Contact Us" Form online or by contacting us in any other way through the means ofcommunication posted on the website. In certain cases and of your own free will andconsent, you may also provide us with information about your medical condition andany connection you or any of your family members may have with the Association'sfields of operation. This information shall also be stored and kept by us and may beused by us according to the provisions of this policy.In addition, when you make an online donation to the Association, the details andinformation, including financial information concerning the donation made by you (asprovided to us by you) shall be stored and processed in our systems or through thirdparty(ies) which shall carry-out on our behalf the clearance and invoicing activities.In addition, the information collected in the framework of your donation shall betransferred for inspection by the auditor auditing the Association's financial activity,the above, inter alia, according to our obligations pursuant to applicable law andaccording to the legislation regulating the activity of associations.You have no obligation to provide us with any such information, but regretfully, ifyou refrain from providing us with the above information, in certain cases we maynot be able to give you the services requested by you, in whole or in part.Accordingly, for instance, we may not be able to contact you as you wish and maynot be able to put you on the Association's mailing list without your email address.In as much as you provide the Association or post on the website Personal Data, youhereby declare that the information provided and/or updated by you as aforesaid istrue, correct and accurate and that the information is provided solely in your nameand on your behalf, or that you were lawfully authorized to provide such informationon behalf of another, and in any event you shall be solely responsible for providing uswith the above information.Beyond the information provided to us by you, the website uses automatic tools tocharacterize your use of the website and improve your browsing experience. Thesetools collect general information regarding your activities and use of the website.Among other things we may collect information regarding the times and ways youuse the website, details concerning your internet supplier, your IP address, domainname, location of the device used to access the site, browser type and additionaldetails concerning the ways you use and visit the site.For this purpose, our website uses "Cookies" and other similar technological means(Pixel and the like) for the day-to-day and proper operation of the site and forimproving the services provided thereby. These are in fact text files with small piecesof data placed on the web browser and/or on any device used by the user to access thewebsite which are used to identify the user and collect information about the waysthey use the site. Some of these cookies are intended to facilitate the secure andproper operation of the site. Specific cookies are used to identify your personalpreferences and to accordingly adapt and improve your web browsing experience.

In addition, we use special-purpose software programs and statistical tools whichidentify and analyze your web browsing characteristics (for instance, GoogleAnalytics). These tools help us improve our website and adapt it to the user's needs. Itis important to clarify that we use this information solely for statistical analysispurposes and that as users of the system we have no access to your Personal Datawhich identifies you.If you do not wish to accept cookies while using our website and/or if you wish to de-activate these automatic tools, in whole or in part, you may do so by changing yourbrowser definitions, blocking the possibility to accept cookies. In addition, you candelete your browser history at any time, and in this context you may also delete thecookies integrated in your system. However, it must be noted that consequently, yourbrowsing experience may be adversely affected.Our Use of your Personal DataWe may use your Personal Data to contact you and for the purpose of providing youservices according to your wishes and requests, and for any other purpose intended toenable you to enjoy the services of the Association in an orderly and secure mannerand pursuant to the provisions of any law.In addition, we may aggregate your Personal Data together with information of otherusers for statistical purposes, to improve the services and streamline our website, thesystem and our activity as an Association, while protecting your privacy and limitingthe use of your personal details where and as possible according to our obligationspursuant to any law.The information provided to us by you shall be kept and stored in our systems and/ordatabases for variable periods according to our needs and subject to the provisions ofapplicable law.We may use the contact details provided to us by you to forward to you these andother publications, notices about the activities of the Association, newsletter andperiodic updates and to adapt these offers to your needs, the above, subject to theprovisions of applicable law. If you wish that we stop sending you any suchinformation, please contact us and we shall follow your instructions.Securing your Personal DataWe are committed to secure and protect your data and use customary and suitablesecurity measures complying with the requirements of the law to secure and protectthe integrity and confidentiality of the information stored on our systems, the above,inter alia, by emphasizing the sensitive nature of some of the information stored onour systems. For this purpose we use technological measures, different policies andprocedures intended to protect, secure and ensure the survival of the information onour systems. However, similar to any other systems, we cannot fully and absolutely

vouch for the safety of our systems and therefore we do not guarantee that ourdatabases will be completely immune from unauthorized access and/or intrusion ofany kind.Providing information to a third partyWe may transfer the Personal Data provided to us by you to third parties, for instance,when we have a legal obligation to do so or when we are permitted to do so inaccordance with the provisions of the law, or when you provide us with permissionand/or consent and/or power of attorney for the purpose of making such disclosure onyour behalf. Among other things, we shall be able to transfer your details andPersonal Data provided to us by you to a third party which shall assume theresponsibility for the execution of any specific project, provided that such third partyassumes upon itself all the obligations according to this policy. Information about theAssociation's activities may also be transferred to the auditors auditing theAssociation's activities in accordance with the requirements of the law, and in thiscontext any one of them or anyone on behalf of the Association may possibly contactyou to verify your registered details with the Association.As a general rule, your information will be held and processed in Israel. However, itis possible that in certain cases your information will be transferred outside of Israel,for the purpose of processing and/or storing it. Accordingly, for instance, cloudcomputing systems and services may be used for the purpose of processing and/orretaining the information. In any such case, we ensure that any such transfer of theinformation from Israel is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the lawand in a manner ensuring the protection and security of your information.In addition, in the framework of our current activities, we may be assisted by and/ormake use of systems and external service providers rendering us various services. Westrictly use service providers and systems with a high level of security and privacyprotection, and make sure that only the information necessary for carrying out therequested acts is transferred to that external service provider, subject to theircommitment to maintain the confidentiality of the information as required, andsubject to receiving guarantees and commitments according to our obligations asprescribed by law.Information review, amendment and deletionAccording to the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, every person has the right to reviewthe information stored in the database which pertains to him/her. This right isobviously also available to you. You also have the right to cancel and withdraw anyconsent given by you by sending us a direct mail. Such requests can be forwarded tous by email to the email address specified in the beginning of this policy.It should be noted that residents of the European Union and/or California, and inrelation to certain items of information, may have additional rights in accordance with

the provisions of the relevant foreign regulation. If you believe that the above isapplicable to you, please contact us with any such request.

Update and change of the privacy policyWe shall be entitled to change and update the privacy policy from time to time. Ifmaterial changes are made in and to the terms of the privacy policy which pertain toyour Personal Data stored with us, a notice to that effect shall be posted on ourwebsite.It is clarified that registration and/or use of any type of service on the website mayrequire your consent and confirmation of additional and specific conditionsapplicable to that service. In these circumstances you will be requested to give yourconsent to the foregoing conditions separately.