Extend the law of bags

The plastic bags cause enormous damage to marine environment and especially to marine animals who mistakenly think that these are jellyfish.

Each year, 2.2 billion plastic bags  are distributed in Israel, that is an average of 275 bags per person. Most of these bags find their way, after a very short use to the garbage, open spaces, beaches and the sea.

As in many countries around the world, which prohibited the distribution of free bags, in March 2016, the Knesset approved the law to reduce the use of disposable bags, promoted by Zalul and the Council for a Beautiful Israel, which charges 0.1 Shkel for the purchase of a tank top bag (Zalul demanded the payment of 0.6 Shekek. The purpose of the law was to make the public reduce the use of bags and convince him to come to the store with a multi-use basket. Given the low price of the bag, it is doubtful whether the law will have a major impact on consumers.